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Prof. Xue Presenting at UN Forum

UNESCAP organized the Forum on Trade Digitization for Sustainable Regional Integration on 14 MAR 2019 TO 15 MAR 2019 in BANGKOK, THAILAND.  The Forum addressed the regional and global initiatives on electronic exchange of trade-related data and documents for trade digitization, shared their current progress and lessons learnt during implementation, and discussed way forward in making them better contribute to sustainable regional integration. Prof. Xue presented on Framework Agreement’s Mutual Recognition Mechanism in Session 5 Enabling mutual recognition of electronic data in cross-border paperless trade transactions on 15 March and was applauded by the officials and experts from Asia Pacific countries as the most insightful legal guide for implementing the Framework Agreement.

This event was organized as part of the Sixth Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week, 11-15 March 2019. The Sixth Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week was held in Bangkok from 11-15 March under the theme ‘Navigating Non-tariff Measures towards Sustainable Development’. Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Week brought together government officials and other stakeholders every two years for discussions on issues of importance to trade and investment policy making in the region. Drawing on the presence of senior policymakers from across the Asia-Pacific region, the week hosted a number of engaging events related to trade and investment policy making, covering areas such as trade facilitation, trade and investment agreements, science, technology and innovation (STI) policies and responsible business practices. The ESCAP Committee on Trade and Investment (Invitation only) — the key platform for regional dialogue and intergovernmental collaboration on trade and investment —convened its sixth session during the Week, from 13 to 15 March 2019.

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Prof. Xue Lectured at Cambridge CIPIL

Prof. Xue was invited by the Center of Intellectual Property and Information Law of Cambridge Law Faculty to lecture to the faculties and graduate students on January 16-21, 2019. Prof. Xue Lectured on “Copyright on E-commerce Platforms: An Insight Preview of the Chinese New Law”. Chinese E-Commerce Law, effective from 1 January 2019, impacts all the stakeholders in the business. This comprehensive Law revamps the copyright system applicable to e-commerce platforms by redefining their roles, responsibility and liability. E-commerce platforms are one of the powerful infrastructures that enable Chinese global business development. The Law’s extra-territoriality may not be overlooked. How would this new system affect the interests of the parties involved? Would it facilitate a balanced copyright system through multi-stakeholder interaction? Is the platform governance relevant to the copyright liability and law enforcement? Prof. Xue explored all these questions and exchanged the views and opinions with the faculties and students. Prof. Xue also answered a couple of questions raised by the audience. All were highly interested in the Chinese new Law and looked forward to knowing more from Prof. Xue.

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Chinese E-Commerce Law in the Global Digital Economy In Memory of UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Day 2018

UNCITRAL RCAP-BNU Joint Certificate Program on International E-Commerce Law (JCP)

Chinese E-Commerce Law in the Global Digital Economy

In Memory of UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Day 2018

Moderator: Prof. dr. Xue Hong, Director of BNU IIPL and Co-Director of JCP

11 December 2018, 13:30-16:30 BNU Law School Auditorium 1922





联合国国际贸易法委员会官员Yu Lam TSE女士介绍了联合国国际贸易法委员会的成立和发展历程,以及 “电子商务”工作做的工作机制与方法。此外,Yu Lam TSE女士还全面讲解了电子商务法律2.0时代的内涵并指出电子商务立法对其他经济领域的重要性。最后,Yu Lam TSE女士针对同学们介绍了联合国国际贸易法委员会的实习生项目并欢迎大家参观和学习。







13:00-13:30 Conference Registration

 13:30-13:50 BNU Law School: Welcome & introduction


13:50-14:10 Mr. Shi Yuzhi, National People’s Congress Finance and Economy Committee

 14:10-15:00 Ms. Yu Lam Tse, UNCITRAL RCAP: An Enabling Legal Environment for E-commerce: UNCITRAL’s E-commerce law 2.0 and Recent Developments

 15:00-15:10 Q & A

 15:10-15:30 Mr. Fan Junwei, Senior Expert of Alibaba Intellectual Property Academy       

15:30-15:50 Dr. Zhou Hui, Secretary General, China Law Society Network and Information Law Academy:

 15:50-16:10 Prof. Xue Hong, Deputy Director of CIETAC ODR Center

 16:10-16:30 Q & A and Closing Remarks

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Prof. Xue Presented at UNNExT Meeting on Mutual Recognition under the Framework Agreement

The Meeting of Extended UNNExT Advisory Group on Cross-border Paperless Trade Facilitation, organized by UNESCAP, was held on 30 October – 1 November 2018 in Bangkok.

The meeting brought together selected members of UNNExT Advisory Committee and relevant Advisory Groups as well as regional experts to work on legal and technical issues of facilitating cross-border paperless trade. The meeting focused on selected legal and technical work items, including legal gap checklist, technical gap checklist and mutual recognition mechanism for trade-related data and documents in electronic form. The outcome of the meeting will be used as an input for the Legal and Technical Working Groups (LTWGs) of the Interim Intergovernmental Steering Group on Cross-border Paperless Trade Facilitation in further advancing delivery of supporting documents of the draft road map.

Prof. Xue is invited to give a keynote presentation on “Mutual recognition mechanism for trade related data and documents in electronic form under the Framework Agreement on Cross-border Paperless Trade”. She gave a comprehensive review of the Article 8 of the Framework Agreement and proposed the potential institutional arrangement to enable mutual recognition within the legal framework. She emphasized that whatever technical means deployed to achieve the effect the legal consistency under the Agreement has to be assured through institutional arrangement.

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薛虹教授隆重介绍了参会的嘉宾并代表北京师范大学法学院以及北京师范大学互联网政策与法律研究中心对大家的到来表示欢迎。 具明鹤总监就“网络安全”这一主题进行演讲。讲解了什么是网络安全,网络安全相关案例和文档信息保护等知识。具明鹤总监幽默风趣的风格以及鲜活的案例将讲座在专业性的基础上增添了趣味性。




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