Institute for Internet Policy & Law (IIPL) that successfully completed its mission of 13 years has been updated to the research on International Trade Lawmaking in the ambit of Beijing Normal University Global Development Strategic Partnership Project. Established on May 5, 2009, IIPL had the focus on “Triple I”, namely the Internet governance and cyberlaw issues, intellectual property and international trade. Its trinity on research, teaching and advocacy earned the international reputation. It had an emphasis on international collaboration and functions as the research department and supporting organization of UNCITRAL-BNU Joint Certificate Program on International E-Commerce Law, the national center of A2K Global Academy and leading institution for Asia Pacific Internet Leadership Project. IIPL was the only Chinese research institution in the Network of Centers and A2K Global Academy. IIPL had greatly benefited from its close partnership with the National People’s Congress, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and Information Industry, Central Administration of Cyberspace, National Copyright Administration, ICC China and CNNIC, etc. and the dynamic and multidisciplinary research environment of the BNU Law School.

IIPL Founding Director, Dr. Prof. Hong XUE, is Beijing Normal University Law Professor and Co-Director of UNCITRAL-BNU Joint Certificate Program on International E-Commerce Law. Prof. Xue is a China-Law-Society elected Top Ten Nationally Distinguished Young Jurists and accredited the Special Governmental Allowance by the State Council. Prof. Xue researches international trade law, information technology law, electronic commerce law, intellectual property law and Internet governance and had published many books and journal articles. She is an Expert Member of the Advisory Committee of the United Nations Network of Experts for Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific (UNNExT), the Expert Council of 2nd APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance and the Expert Advisory Council of Asia Pacific Institute for Digital Economy (APIDE). She led the Legal Panel of UNNExT to draft the United Nations Framework Agreement on Cross-border Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific. She is the National Expert on E-Commerce appointed by the Ministry of Commerce, Deputy Director of Internet Governance and International Cooperation of China Association of Cyber-Space Security, Member of Executive Council of China Cyber and Information Law Society of China Law Society, Vice-President of Beijing E-Commerce Academy. She is on the Chinese National People’s Congress Expert Panel for Drafting the E-Commerce Law. She is an Arbitrator and the Member of Expert Advisory Committee of China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), Member of Subcommittee on Arbitration and ADR of ICC China National Committee, Arbitrator of Nanjing International Arbitration Institute and Shenzhen Arbitration Commission, as well as a Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) Neutral at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Asia Domain Names Dispute Resolution Centre (ADNDRC). She is the Chair of Council of Chinese Domain Name Users Alliance and the Faculty Chair of Asia Pacific Internet Leadership Project (APILP). She is on the Editorial Board of World Intellectual Property Journal and the Journal of China Law Science, the Advisory Panel of the Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law, the Expert Advisory Board of Diplo Foundation. Prof. Xue had taught in law schools in Australia, United States and Hong Kong and was the Residential Fellow of Yale Information Society Project, ICANN ccNSO Councillor and the Chinese Coordinator for Global Academy on Access to Knowledge. please visit her SSRN page.