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Prof. Xue Spoke at APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Expert Committee

2nd Working Conference of 2nd Expert Committee of APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance

  APEC Expert Committee for E-Commerce Business Alliance held its 2017 annual conference on 16th December, 2017 in Maison Albar Hotel, Chengdu, China. The conference was hosted by China International Electronic Commerce Center and  APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Secretariat, organized by China International Electronic Commerce Co. LTD and Intelligence Industry Committee of APEC-ECBA, and supported by Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. APEC Research Center for Innovation and Development of Cross-border E-Commerce,  Chengdu Chengshi Culture Communication Co. LTD. and Sichuan Haidiya Technology Co. LTD were the co-organizers.

Prof. Xue gave a keynote presentation at the Conference on Chinese Draft E-Commerce Law and highlighted the key characteristics of the upcoming new Law that will be essential for the development of digital economy in the world as well as in China. Prof. Xue also actively took part in the expert discussion on global inclusive trade and pointed out that trade should not only benefit all the stakeholder involved (inclusive of currently disfranchised MSMEs, women and LDCs) but low or even eliminate barriers for accessing the global market. E-commerce’s potential to enable any business to access the borderless global access should not be reined by the traditional regulatory measures on exports and imports. New trade facilitation mechanisms, such as the enabling cross-border paperless trade through the UN Framework Agreement in Asia the Pacific , should be implemented for e-commerce and digital economy. Arbitrary distinctions and compliance measures (between goods and items or traders and buyers) should be reformed. Unification, simplification, digitization and automation should be the trend of development.


Topic 1:APEC E-Commerce Development Report (2017) studying and best practice cases sharing

Moderator:Wang Jian, Chair of the Expert Committee, APEC-ECBA,  Director of APEC Cross-Border E-Commerce Innovation and Development Research Center

Armirudin Abdul Wahab, CEO Cyber Security Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation, Malaysia

“Embracing The Growth and Trending Demand of E-Commerce in Malaysia”

Xue Hong, Director of Beijing Normal University Institute for Internet Policy & Law (IIPL) , Co-Director of UNCITRAL-BNU Joint Certificate Program on International E-Commerce Law

“An Overview of China’s Draft E-Commerce Law”

Qiu Qiong, Associate Dean, Research Institute of CIECC

“Global E-Commerce Report”

ž   Ouyang Cheng, Director of Cross-Border E-commerce Research Center of Alibaba Research Institute, Senior Expert of Alibaba Research Institute

“Report of Inclusive Trade Development and Chinese E-Commerce Practices”

Li Qian, VP- Public Affair and Policy, Amazon China

Amazon China Releases the Cross-Border Online Shopping Trend Report 2016”

Topic 2: ”Jinjiang Proposal” Framework and 2018 Work Plan

Moderator:Wang Jian, Chair of the Expert Committee, APEC-ECBA

ž   Framework based on “Jinjiang Proposal” by Wang Jian

ž   Discussion on the framework

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随着全球电子商务的发展,保护生产商和消费者权益愈来愈成为电子商务领域关注的焦点。为进一步发挥专业委员会作用,搭建行业专家交流平台,推动国际电子商务争议解决机制的研究和建立,促进形成以我为主的规则制定氛围,国际商会中国国家委员会仲裁委员会于2017年12月15日下午在国际商会大厦506会议室召开电子商务争议解决研讨会暨国际商会中国国家委员会(ICC China)仲裁委员会2017年下半年工作会议。ICC China仲裁委员会副主席、贸仲委副秘书长李虎博士,北京师范大学互联网政策与法律研究中心主任薛虹教授,ICC仲裁院委员、方达律师事务所合伙人师虹律师,阿里巴巴集团法务部樊俊伟高级法务等电子商务争议解决领域的专家在研讨会主题发言。薛虹教授介绍了我国《电子商务法》(草案)二次审议稿中关于电子商务争议解决章节的内容,深入分析该法的实施对于电子商务企业(特别是平台企业)的影响及我国网上争议解决制度的重大发展。薛教授还讨论了欧盟关于消费者非诉讼性争议解决指令及网上争议解决法规的主要内容及实施情况,分析了联合国国际贸易法委员会曾经存在的网上争议解决工作组及其所形成的“非约束性、仅供参考”的技术指南等国际法律文件。


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