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A2K Global Academy Cape Town Meeting

After seven years, I came back to beautiful Waterfront of Cape Town on January 17-19, 2011. This visit was no longer for ICANN but A2K Global Academy, a research network linking up Yale Information Society Project, IIPL and other research centers from Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, etc. The A2kGA had met in New York in 2008 and in New Heaven in 2009. A group of scholars and A2K activists joined the meetings and gave interesting presentations. I personally interested in three topics, i.e. international protection for traditional knowledge, open source study in Arabic countries and Brazilian public participation in copyright law reform. It was a brain-storming meeting for all participants. With respective to development strategy for the institution, it was agreed that new research centers and scholars would be encouraged to join and enhance the visibility at international forum, such as IGF. Prof. Jack Balkin and Mr. Eddan Katz gave inspiring talks on the further development of A2k movement and the Global Academy. I presented on China and Access to Knowledge and received many interesting responses.

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