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All aspects related to the implementation of non-Latin scripts in the root servers of the worldwide DNS system are the subject of a number of working groups and processes throughout ICANN. The ex-IDN Liaison for At-Large, Hong Xue, has participated in and follows all of them.

Hong stepped down from the role of ALAC IDN Liaison from Cairo Meeting in November 2008. Her extraordinary efforts and energy in this vital work benefit our community and specifically those millions of internet users whose online experience will be enhanced so much by the introduction of Doman Names in non‐ASCII scripts.

Hong has selected for ALAC, a most worthy successor for this vital role,Sivasubramanian Muthusamy, President at ISOC India Chennai and CEO at Turiya, his appointment became effective at our 3rd Session Meeting of the ALAC on 6 November 2008 and the ALAC looks forward to the energy and enthusiasm these generous volunteers will bring to our work and activities over the next 12 months.

Do you care about these issues? Then volunteer to help new Liaison keep the community’s views in front of the other constituencies in ICANN. In the first instance, subscribe to the IDN Liaison mailing list and send a message telling everyone else what about IDNs you are interested in.

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Draft Comments on IDN ccTLD Fast Track Draft Implementation Plan v.0.2 (4 November 2008)

As the ICANN President said at our meeting, it is important not only to voice our views but send in comments in writing. Since ALAC has always been active in the consultation and policy advice process on fast-track IDN ccTLDs, I suggest take the opportunity to send in our comments before 6 December 2008. To expedite drafting, I made the 0.2 version for your review. Thanks for the inputs of Izumi and Tina and the coordination of Nick.

The public consultation on the draft Implementation Plan is now open – details are available here:

Liaison Report to ALAC/ At-Large Policy and Planning OneDay #3* (22 June 2008)

ccNSO IDNC has arranged, by the end of June 21, 2008, three rounds of public consulatations, eight conference calls, one face-to-face meeting (at IGF Prep conf. at Geneva) plus calling in and one face-to-face meeting (in Paris). Two at-large representatives, Cheryl and Hong, attended all these activities actively.

The fast-track will be the first real IDN implementation for users. We fully cherish the great opportunity of such an unprecedanted experiment and support an open, speedy and uncontentious fast-track approach to implement IDN ccTLDs. We wish and work for an implementation that is genuinely supported and sincerely serving the interests of the local Internet community. On behalf of the user community, we particularly emphasize two issues:

a) Pressing demand of non-ASCII users

The fast-track should reflect the sailent value of speediness and non-contentiousness. Nothing should prevent fast-track implementation in the real ready ccTLD territories. We support the balance and thoughtful approach and methodology that would make a speed and smooth implementation happen. We oppose to have a complicated and contentious process that could cause any delay. We strongly oppose any attempt to delay the fast track implementation merely to keep pace with the new gTLD process. Any market competitive interests should not go before the users’ pressing demand for the IDNs. The fast track for ccTLDs is much simpler and less contraversial than IDN gTLDs and should take off as early as possible.

b) User participation

Delegation of an IDN ccTLD should only be possible in the Fast Track where the IDN ccTLD string is non-contentious within the territory and the designation of the selected delegate is non-contentious within the territory. It would be essential to present the evidenced support/endorsement of the relevant stakeholders in the territory for the selected string as a meaningful representation of the name of the territory and for the selected delegate.

Comments on Initial Draft Fast-Track Mechanism for Introduction of IDN ccTLDs (26/02/08)

by Hong Xue and Cheryl Langdon-Orr, ALAC Liaisons to the CCNSO IDNC WG

We believes the draft initial report be a positive step to move ahead
on fast-track introduction of the IDN ccTLDs. For purpose of avoidance
of public confusion and protection of individual users in specific
language communities, we hope the Initial Report would consider the
following suggestions.

**We suggest the IDN guidelines be specfically supplemented into the
requirements for selection of the IDN strings as listed in the Section
3(B)(i) of the Initial Report. Character tabling is very important to
prevent the equivalent character variants of the same or different
scripts from co-existing in the registration. A well-documented and
publicly available character table shall be the prerequisite for
introduction of an IDN TLD relevant to that character set.

***With respect to selection of IDN ccTLD managers under the Section 4
of the Initial Report, we hope that a manager have the sufficient
language capacity of providing the services per the script of an IDN

ALAC Presentation on IDNs to the Board (February 14, 2008)

Individual user community reiterates the pressing need to timely implement internationalized domain names in both gTLD and ccTLD name space. The fast track approach to implement the IDN ccTLDs is indeed welcomed as a positive step moving forward. No challenge or difficulty shall prevent the fast track implementation, which is characteristic
of non-contentiousness, from going ahead really fast, as far as it genuinely reflects the local user community’s demand on native-script domain names in the specific ccTLD territory, and takes into account the stability, consistency and continuation of the registration service and the harmony with the long-term solution of IDN ccTLDs for the protection of the legitimate interests of the registrants (particularlyindividual registrants).

ALAC & RALO Meeting with the Board* (October 30, 2007)

Discussions on IDNs

We emphasize the pressing need from the user community for IDNs. We support a balanced and effective fast-track approach for implementation of IDN ccTLD. We welcome the new PDP proposal from the ccNSO and reiterate our strong commitment to bring the users’ voices to this policy-making process. Per the Board resolution at the San Juan meeting, we hereby submit the status report on IDN ccTLDs issues to the Board. The report contains our recommendations on the principles, policies and implementation of IDN ccTLDs. We primarily recommend that implementation of IDN ccTLDs comply with all the technical standards to ensure the interoperability and security and selection and accreditation of any IDN ccTLD be subject to sufficient, transparent and effective consultations in the pertinent ccTLD user community.

Given that the IDN test is going on and the IDN protocols are being reviewed, we are keen to know whether there is a timeline for implementation of IDN gTLDs under the auspices of new gTLD process.

Finally, there will be an IDN workshop from the users’ prospective, which is in coordination with the ccNSO, GAC and ICANN Staffs, at the IGF.

ALAC Statement on IDNs at ICANN Public Forum, San Juan, June 28, 2007

ALAC welcomes the new technical and policy developments on IDN. ALAC supports a balanced and reasonable fast-tracking approach on the IDN implementation, and we call for a more effective and formal consultant mechanism with the Internet user community in all the IDN process.
ALAC also made proposal for IDN Workshop at IGF.

At-Large Policy Priorities Workshop (San Juan, June 28, 2007)

28 june 2007 ws


al 2007 r 3

At-Large Internet Users Workshop -Internationalized Domain Names (Wellington, 28 March 2006)

ALAC Statement for the ICANN Board Request for Responses

The IDN Working Group are drafting the proposed statement and a timeline for At-Large consultations and amendments is as follows:

I. Drafting the response by ALAC IDN Liaison and Members (Siavash, Hong, Veronica, Mohammed) by July 22, 2007
II. Completion of the draft answers by August 5
III. Public consultation through IDN-WG list by August 17
IV. Revsion of the answers, August 31
V. Public Consultation through RALOs, September 28
VI. Revision and completion of draft report, October 13
VII. Public Comments , October 20
VIII. Completion of final report, October 2



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