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A Chinese domain name dealer registered the name of former Windows Chief Jim Allchin, which annoyed Mr. Allchin. But this is not a story of cybersquatting, at least not primarily. Instead, this reveals the deceptive practices of some registars or agents. When the registrant agreed to transfer back the domian name to Mr. Allchin, he was barred from doing so several times by the registrar/agent. In the extremely competitive domain name business, a registration can very cheap but there may well be some hidden charges attached to every transfer, correction or update.

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Authentic scholars’ reading of the Internet and the Politics

Internet politics is a new form of democratic politics. Blocking and sealing the net will not fulfill the need of Internet politics. These are the conclusion published on Beijing Daidly by 4 authentic Chinese scholars on laws, politics and sociology. Is it signalizing the change of the online weather? No clue.

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Yamaha case triggers the high damages for trademark infringement

The case took five years but just ended in a landmark decision by the Supreme People’s Court in China awarding Yahama Motor $1.1 million, the highest amount of damages ever awarded in China in a trademark dispute involving a foreign company.

The Chinese company….registered a shell company in Japan’s remote Ishikawa prefecture in 2000 under the same three characters used by Yamaha to render its name in Chinese. This Japanese shell company then signed a licensing agreement with Zhejiang Huatian, allowing it to market its scooters in China under that name. Zhejiang Huatian went a step further by printing Yamaha’s name in English letters on its scooters.

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Yahoo: business is business

Proposals to adopt a policy that opposes censorship on the internet , specifically China, were rejected by Yahoo shareholders.

Last year, Human Rights Watch, a New York based campaign group, accused Yahoo, Google and Microsoft for “carrying out censorship for the Chinese government”.

Neither Yahoo nor any other company has released a list of websites that have been de-listed for their political and religious content.

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Torts Law is going to taking off

After promulgation of the Property Law, the draft of the Torts Law has been published. Protection of privacy will be formally established.

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