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2013首届中国电子商务立法高层论坛 Founding High-Level Forum on Chinese E-Commerce Legislation

2013首届中国电子商务立法高层论坛 暨“电子商务立法支撑研究平台”成立大会

中国电子商务法律网、北京师范大学互联网政策与法律研究中心主办的2013首届中国电子商务立法高层论坛 暨“电子商务立法支撑研究平台”成立大会于2013年12月28日在 北京中国国际电子商务中心 锦江富园大酒店隆重举行。联合国国际贸易法委员会电子商务负责人Luca Castellani博士、全国人大财经委领导等百余名嘉宾出席。




主持人:中国电子商务协会政策法律委员会副主任 阿拉木斯

全国人大财经委调研室副主任  施禹之
国家发改委高技术司副司长    顾大伟
北京市大兴区人民政府副区长  喻华锋
中国国际电子商务中心副主任  付诚

   9:55-10:00 “电子商务立法支撑研究平台”成立仪式

  企业代表发言:阿里巴巴集团政策研究室主任 高红冰

    10:00-11:50 主题论坛一:关于中国电子商务立法的整体思考

   主持人:北京邮电大学互联网治理与法律研究中心主任 李欲晓


联合国无纸化贸易专家网络顾问委员会委员 薛虹

点评人(每人5分钟):北京大学法学院互联网法律中心主任 张平

中国人民大学法学院教授 刘俊海

发言人(20分钟):阿里巴巴集团政策研究室副主任  宋斐

点评人(每人5分钟):中国信息经济学会信息社会研究所所长 王俊秀

商务部电子商务研究院副院长 李鸣涛


网规研究中心主任 阿拉木斯

点评人(每人5分钟):清华大学网络行为研究所副所长 吴伟光

北京师范大学法学院教授 刘德良


12:00-13:30 午餐

 13:30-14:40  主题论坛二:跨境电子商务法律问题

   主持人:北京师范大学互联网政策与法律研究中心主任 薛虹


亚太地区中心主任 Luca G. Castellani博士

点评人(每人5分钟):商务部电子商务司副巡视员 聂林海

北京大学电子商务法律发展研究基地主任 刘凯湘

发言人(20分钟):京东商城法务总监 林卓

点评人(每人5分钟):对外经贸大学国际电子商务中心主任 王健

众信电子商务交易保障促进中心副主任 杜佳


14:40-15:50  主题论坛三:互联网金融的法律制度建设

   主持人:上海泛洋律师事务所律师 刘春泉

发言人(20分钟):阿里巴巴小微金服集团法务部资深总监 屠剑威

点评人(每人5分钟):中国政法大学副教授 陈健

快钱公司副总裁 王玉

发言人(20分钟):中国人民大学法学院副院长 杨东

点评人(每人5分钟):工信部信息化推进司副司长 董宝青

清华大学社会科学学院教授 刘鹰


15:50-16:10 茶歇


   主持人:阿里巴巴集团国内法务副总裁 俞思瑛

发言人(20分钟):   深圳市市场监督管理局 潘建珊

点评人(每人5分钟):中国消费者协会律师团团长 邱宝昌

                        腾讯互联网法律研究中心秘书长 张钦坤

    发言人(20分钟):网上交易保障中心副主任 乔聪军

   点评人(每人5分钟):国家工商总局市场规范司副司长 杨洪丰

中国政法大学教授 郎佩娟


17:20-17:30 会议总结

中国信息经济学会信息社会研究所所长 王俊秀

2013 Founding High-Level Forum on Chinese E-Commerce Legislation &Establishment Ceremony of Research Platform on E-Commerce Legal Support

On October 31, 2013, the 12th session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress in the legislative plan released, E-commerce Law is listed as the second project, being one of the draft laws which are in need of working immediately, when ripe for deliberation. The E-commerce law formally on the agenda of China’s top legislature for the first time, marking China’s E-commerce is about to open a new historical stage of the development!

Meanwhile, in 2013, along with the deepening of our country’s E-commerce application influence on traditional business, circulation, finance, services, and people’s work, communication and life, in all areas of the understanding of the electronic commerce is constantly refresh and subversion. Problems related to the E-commerce law and governance is concerned from different angles by all areas.

Under the big background, under the support of relevant units,, Institute for the Internet Policy & Law BNU ,Policy and Law Committee of China Electronic Commerce Association and are plan to integrate the resources to form a professional high-level legislative support platform -Ceremony of Research Platform on E-Commerce Legal Support. Through the platform, gathering relevant departments and experts, enterprise, electronic retailing, service providers, lawyers, etc., communicate and discuss regularly for our country’s legislation of E-commerce.

2013 Founding High-Level Forum on Chinese E-commerce Legislation and Ceremony of Research Platform on E-commerce Legal Support was held on December 28, 2013. Prof. Hong Xue, co-organizer, invited Dr. Luca Castellani from UNCITRAL Secretariat to join the conference and give a keynote on International E-Commerce Legal Issues.

The conference was co-organized by and BNU Institute for the Internet Policy & Law. The Participants included 

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, NPC Financial and Economic Committee, Legislative Affairs Commission, Business and Communication Department of Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, Supreme Peoples Court, High-tech Department of Development and Reform Commission, E-commerce Department of Ministry of Commerce, Department of Treaty and Law, IT Promotion Department of MIIT, Department of Policies and Laws, Market Department of SAIC, Network security Bureau of MPS, Payment and Clearing Department of Central Bank, Local Government Departments ofBeijing,Shanghai,Hangzhou, Shenzhen,Chongqing,Nanjing, Fuzhou etc. And mainly are the national E-commerce demonstration cities and more than 30 leading E-Commerce Enterprises (Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, Suning, Baidu, Amazon, Dangdang etc.).

Sumative Program

9:20 Opening Ceremony

The host:Alamusi (Vice director, Policy and Law Committee of China   E-commerce Association)

 the related leader of NPC Financial and Economic Committee
the related leader of Business and Communication Department of Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council

  the related leader of Ministry of High-tech Department ,National Development and Reform Commission

     950-1000 Establishment Ceremony of Research Platform on E-Commerce Legal Support

1000-11:50 Discussion on TopicⅠ:The overall thinking about China E-commerce legislation

The Host: Wan Yixian (vice director, Policy and Law Committee of China   E-commerce Association)

     Speaker(20 mins)

Xue Hong (director of Institute for Internet Policy & Law @ Beijing Normal University, Asian Executive Member of International Association for Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property)

   Commentator (5 mins per person)

Jiang Qiping (secretary-general, Centre for Information Study)

Wang Junxiu (director of China Information Economics Society)

    Speaker(20 mins)

Alamusi (vice director ,Policy and Law Committee of China   E-commerce Association, Director of the Network Standard Research Center)
    Commentator (5 mins per person)

Chai Yueting (group leader,Expert Group of National Demonstration City Establish Program of E-commerce)

Wu Weiguang (vice director, Institute for Internet Behavior of Tsinghua University)

Speaker(20 mins)

Zhang Ping (director of Institute for Internet Law,PEKINGUNIVERSITY. Secretary General of Chinese Intellectual Property Society)

    Commentator (5 mins per person)

Liu Kaixiang (director of E-commerce and Legal Development Research Base, PKU)

Li Yuxiao (director, Internet Governance and Law Research Center of BUPT)

20mins interaction time, spectators could question and interact with the two presenters and the four commentators

       12:00-13:30  Lunch Time

        13:30-14:40  Forum Session 2: legal issues in cross-border E-commerce

The host: director of Institute for Internet Policy & Law, Beijing Normal University     Xue Hong

      Speaker (20mins):

Dr. Luca G. Castellani (legal specialist of United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, director ofAsia-PacificCenter)

   Commentator (5mins per person)

E-commerce Department, The Ministry of Commerce

Ling Feng (vice Director of Research Institute for E-commerce Legal Development of Peking University)

      Speaker (20mins):

Representatives of enterprise

   Commentators (5mins per person):

Wang Jian (director of International E-commerce Centre of University of International Business Economics)

Qu Zhe (partner of TransAsia Lawyers)

Interaction time (10mins), spectators could raise questions and interact with the two presenters and the four commentators

       14:40-15:50Forum Session 3: Legislation of Internet Finance

The host: Liu Chunquan (Deputy Director of Policy and legal committee, China Electronic Commerce Association)

      The presenter (20mins):

Alipay or Tianhong Fund

   Commentators (5mins per person):

People’s Bank of China Payment and Settlement Department

Gao Hongbing (director of Policy Research Center of Alibaba Group)

      The presenter (20mins):

Yang Dong (vice Dean of Renmin University of China Law School)

The commentators (5mins per person):

Promotion department, Ministry of Information Industry

Chen Jing (former director of Science and Technology Department, People’s Bank of China)

Interaction time (10mins), spectators could raise questions and interact with the two presenters and the four commentators

       15:50-16:10 Tea Break

       16:10-17:20 Forum Session 4: the new edition of Law on Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers within the consumer protection in E-commerce

The host: Vice president of domestic legal affairs, Alibaba Group Yu Simin

      The presenter (20mins):

 Shen Zhen

The commentators (5mins per person):

Chen Jian ( Civil law Division of Legislative Affairs Commission, NPC Standing Committee)

ChinaConsumers Association, Legal Department,

      The presenter (20mins):

 Representatives of enterprise

The commentators (5mins per person)

State Administration of Industry and Commerce, Market regulation department

Wu Jingming (professor of China University of Political Science and Law)

Interaction time (10mins), spectators could raise questions and interact with the two presenters and the four commentators

      1720-1730 Summaries

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