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APRALO Planning for IGF Workshop 2008

The third Internet Governance Forum (IGF)meeting is to be held in Hyderabad, India from 3-6 December 2008. This is the first IGF meeting in Asia-Pacific region. IGF is now calling for workshops, best practice forums and open forums. The deadline for submission is April 30.

APRALO, as the AP region Internet users’ organization, should consider whether to present in such an important international forum. One of the themes of this IGF is multilingualization, which is particularly important for AP Region that is extremely diversified on languages and cultures. APRALO may consider joining the relevant plenary or organizing an open forum or workshop on the Internet users’ multilingual participation in ICANN activities, addressing the cutting-edge issues, such as multilingual DNS (IDNs), multilingual services and multilingual policy-making.

APRALO will request funding from ICANN but the fund could be very limited. For budgetary purpose, could ALSes submit if they would like to participate the meeting and if they need the funding for travel. There may well be a few people who will attend the IGF anyway, so they won’t need any funding. If you need to be funded or perferrably partially funded, please leave your name, ALS affiliation and contact info. below.

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