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Founding Event of Asia Pacific Internet Leadership Program Succeeded in Beijing

The founding APILP organized by the Institute for Internet Policy & Law of Beijing Normal University was held in Beijing on July 6-8, 2011. Program Director and Chair of Faculty Board is Dr. Prof. Hong Xue, Director of Institute for Internet Policy & Law, Beijing Normal University.

Asia Pacific Internet Leadership Program (APILP) is the very first multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder capacity building project on Internet Governance in Asia Pacific. The Founding Event was successfully held in Beijing. A group of distinguished experts from academia, governance organizations, technical community and judiciary in Asia Pacific constituted the faculty board. 20 fellows  from a variety of stakeholder groups joined the event. As the Faculty Chair, Prof. Xue, stated at the Opening Ceremony, APILP features 3 keywords as Internet, Governance and Asia Pacific and is becoming a research/learning center on Internet governance issues for this Region. The core members of the Faculty Board and the leading scholars from Australia, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan Economy unanimously agree to continue the project. Next year the event will be hosted by India NALSAR University of Law in Hyderabad.

Academic Faculty Board for founding APILP

Dr. Prof. Hong Xue, APILP Faculty Chair, Director of Institute for Internet Policy & Law, Beijing Normal University, China

Prof. Ang Peng Hwa, Director, Singapore Internet Research Centre; Acting Head, Division of Journalism and Publishing, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore

Ms. Bonnie Chun, HKIRC, Hong Kong SAR China

Mr. Champika Wijayatunga, Training Manager, APNIC

Ms. Christine Runnegar, ISOC, Switzerland

Prof. Izumi Aizu, Senior Research Fellow & Professor at Institute for InfoSocinomics, Tama University , Japan

Mr. Kuo-wei Wu, Director of Board, ICANN, USA

Prof. Vivekanandan, Ministry of HRD IP Chair Professor, NALSAR University of Law, India


Scientific program :

Day 1: Wednesday July 6, 2011

8:30-9:30 Registration

9:30-12:30 Opening and Orientation

Introduction to Internet governance—An Asia-Pacific Prospective

Lectures and discussions will focus on general issues and principles of Internet governance and current policy and legal framework. Historical review and stocktaking will analyze and assess the principles of openness, access, diversity and security. Lecturers and discussions will specifically address the concerns and priorities of Asia-Pacific Region.

9:30-10:30 Welcoming Addresses (Video 1)

Faculty Chair: Prof. Hong Xue, Director of IIIPL, Beijing Normal University


Prof. Bingzhi Zhao, Dean of Law School, Beijing Normal University

Pof. Qiheng Hu, President of Internet Society of China

Prof. Xiangyang Huang, General Director of CNNIC

Prof. Xianqiang Tang, Deputy General Director of CONAC

10:30-10:40 Break

10:40-11:10 Participants’ Networking

11:10-12:30 Keynote Speeches (Video 2)

Prof. Peng Hwa Ang, Director of Singapore Internet Research Center, Nanyang Technology University

Prof. Izumi Aizu, Japan Tama University, Co-Coordinator of Internet Governance Caucus

12:30-14:30 Lunch Break

14:30-17:30 Internet Technology and Infrastructure: Training by APNIC (Video 3)

This session will elaborate on how Internet works, what are the organizations that coordinate its addressing system, how these organizations relate to each other in an ecosystem and how decisions are being made by the Internet community.

Chair: Mr. Champika Wijayatunga, Training Manager, APNIC


Dr. Shuo Shen, Deputy Director of Development and Research Center, CNNIC

Mr. Champika Wijayatunga, Training Manager, APNIC

18:00 Social Dinner Sponsored by APNIC

Day 2: Thursday, July 7, 2011

9:00-12:00 Managing Critical Internet Resources

Lectures and forum discussion will examine the current regime of management of critical Internet resources, particularly ICANN domain name policies that have significant impact on diversity, access and security.

9:00-10:00 Issues in New gTLDs (Video 4)

Chair: Prof. Kuowei Wu, Member of ICANN Board of Directors

Showcase of ICANN Video on New gTLD Program


HKIRC, CNNIC, CONAC, .Asia, .Telnet, JPNIC, Zodiacs

10:00-10:15 Coffee Break

10:15-12:00 Comparative study of registration management (Video 5)

Issues: IDNs, vertical Integration, trademark measures, supporting developing countries, whois accuracy, illegal contents

Chair: Mr. Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia and Member of ALAC


Ms. Bonnie Chun, HKIRC

Dr. Shuo Shen, Deputy Director of Development and Research Center, CNNIC

Mr. Yang Yu, Director of Legal and International Affairs, CONAC

Mr. Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia and Member of ALAC

Ms. Lucy Wang, General Manager, .Telnet

Mr. James Seng, CEO of Zodiac and Member of ALAC

12:00-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-17:00 Critical Legal Issues in Internet Governance

Lecturers will address a variety of legal issues, such as alternative dispute resolution to domain name disputes and intermediary liability of Internet service providers.

14:00-14:45 ADR and Data Protection (Video 6)

Chair: Ms. Christine Runnegar, Senior Manager of Public Policy, ISOC


Ms. Christine Runnegar, Senior Manager of Public Policy, ISOC

Dr. Hu Li, Deputy Secretary General, CIETAC

Mr. Fanwu Wang, Chief Judge of Civil Tribunal, Beijing 2nd Intermediate People’s Court

14:45-15:00 Coffee Break

15:00-17:00 Copyright on the Internet (Video 7)

Chair: Prof. Hong Xue, Director of IIIPL, Beijing Normal University


Dr. Dongchuan Luo, Director of Research Division, Supreme People’s Court

Ms. Hong Ge, Judge of Intellectual Property Tribunal, Beijing 2nd Intermediate People’s Court

Ms. Xiurong Ma, Judge of Intellectual Property Tribunal, Supreme People’s Court

Prof.V.C. Vivekanandan Director of Global Internet Governance & Advocacy, Ministry of HRD IP Chair Professor, India NALSAR University of Law

17:00 Conclusion (certificate issuance)

18:00 Social Dinner Sponsored by DotAsia

Day 3: Friday July 8, 2011

9:00-12:00 Faculty Board Meeting (for speakers only)

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-18:00 Tour to Great Wall (for speakers only)



“Internet governance is the development and application by governments, the private sector and civil society, in their respective roles, of shared principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programs that shape the evolution and use of the Internet.” -Paragraph 34, WSIS Tunis Agenda

Asia Pacific has more than a half of world population. The Internet penetration in the Regional is growing rapidly. By the end of 2010, almost a half of world Internet users will be in Asia Pacific. Governance issues, such as Critical Internet Resources, Security and Stability, privacy, e-commerce, cyber-crime, network neutrality, dispute resolution, Internet of things, etc., are critically defining the development of this region. However, Asia-Pacific’s multi-stakeholder participation in the global Internet governance is considerably underdeveloped. Technical community and civil society in Asia-Pacific Region is particularly underrepresented and inarticulate in most global arenas on Internet governance. ASIA-PACIFIC INTERNET LEADERSHIP PROJECT (APILP) wishes to enhance regional capacity on policy-making and process-building for global governance of the Internet.

Given the tremendous diversity in languages, cultures, eco-social status in this Region, a systematic, informative and insightful training program will meet the pressing need of the Regional. Asia-Pacific Internet Leadership Program (APILP) will provide a unique opportunity for the Asia-Pacific participants from various stakeholder groups who have actively involved in Internet governance activities. We invite technical and management community (such ccTLD managers, gTLD registries, registrars), governmental officials, civil society leaders and Internet entrepreneurs to become the fellows. APILP  will provides Internet policy training or brainstorming for current or future leaders of Asia-Pacific Region.


Sponsors for Beijing Event





Singapore Internet Research Centre



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 2011年7月6-7日,由北京师范大学互联网政策与法律研究中心主办、中国互联网信息中心(CNNIC)、政务和公益机构域名注册管理中心(CONAC)、亚太互联网信息中心(APNIC)、新加坡互联网研究中心、.Asia以及.Telnic 等多家单位协办的亚太互联网治理国际研讨会APILP在法学院18层学术报告厅隆重举行。北京师范大学法学两院院长赵秉志、互联网政策与法律研究中心主任薛虹教授、中国互联网协会理事长胡启恒女士、中国互联网信息中心(CNNIC)主任黄向阳教授、政务和公益机构域名注册管理中心(CONAC)副主任唐贤强先生、最高人民法院研究中心主任罗东川法官、北京第二中级人民法院民庭庭长王范武先生、最高人民法院知识产权法庭马秀荣法官、CNNIC的发展研究中心副主任沈烁博士、CIETAC副秘书长李虎博士、新加坡互联网研究中心主任Peng Hwa Ang教授、日本互联网治理核心小组的联合协调员Izumi Aizu教授、ICANN理事吴国维教授、互联网协会公共政策高级官员Christine Runnegar女士、印度NALSAR大学法学院V.C. Vivekanandan教授、APNIC培训官员Champika Wijayatunga先生等出席了此次会议并发言。



2011767日 中国北京北京师范大学新主楼18层法学院会议室


赞助方:CNNIC, CONAC, APNIC, .Asia, Singapore Internet Research Center, .Tel.


8:309:30 注册

9:3012:30 开幕式和情况介绍



9:3010:30 欢迎仪式

主持人:薛虹教授 北京师范大学互联网政策与法律研究中心主任


赵秉志教授 北京师范大学法学院、刑事法律科学研究院院长

胡启恒女士 中国互联网协会理事长

黄向阳教授 中国互联网信息中心(CNNIC)主任

唐贤强先生  政务和公益机构域名注册管理中心(CONAC)副主任

10:40-11:10 与会者自我介绍

11:10-12:30 主题演讲

Peng Hwa Ang教授 新加坡互联网研究中心主任,南洋理工大学

Izumi Aizu教授 日本多摩大学,互联网治理核心小组的联合协调员

12:30-14:30 午餐

14:3017:30 互联网技术和结构:由亚太互联网信息中心(APNIC)进行培训


主持人:Champika Wijayatunga先生APNIC培训经理



Champika Wijayatunga先生APNIC培训经理

17:30 APNIC欢迎晚宴


9:0012:00 关键互联网资源的管理


9:0010:00 新通用顶级域的问题

主持人:吳國維教授 ICANN理事


讨论者:HKIRC, CNNIC, CONAC, .Asia, .Telnet, JPNIC, Zodiacs

10:1512:00 注册管理的比较研究(国际化域名、纵向整合、商标措施、支持发展中国家,whois的准确性,非法内容)

主持人:Edmon Chung先生DotAsia首席执行官&ALAC成员

演讲者:Bonnie Chun女士HKIRC官员

沈烁博士 CNNIC的发展研究中心副主任

俞阳先生 CONAC国际、法律部主任

Edmon Chung先生DotAsia首席执行官

Lucy Wang女士 .Telnet总经理

James Seng先生 Zodiac首席执行官

12:00-14:00 午餐

14:0017:00 互联网址里的关键法律问题


14:0014:45 替代争议解决(ADR)和信息保护

主持人:Christine Runnegar女士,公共政策高级经理,ISOC

演讲者:Christine Runnegar女士,公共政策高级经理,ISOC

李虎博士 CIETAC副秘书长

王范武先生 北京第二中级人民法院民庭庭长

15:0017:00 互联网版权

主持人:薛虹教授 北京师范大学互联网政策与法律研究中心主任


罗东川法官 最高人民法院应用法律研究所所长

葛红法官 北京第二中级人民法院知识产权庭

马秀荣法官 最高人民法院知识产权审判庭

V.C. Vivekanandan教授 印度NALSAR大学法学院

17:00 闭幕式

17:30 DotAsia欢送晚宴


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