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Prof. Xue Participated in UNCITRAL WG IV Meetings

The UNCITRAL Working Group IV (e-commerce), composed of all States members of the Commission, held its sixty-second session from 22 to 26 November 2021 through virtual meetings 5.5 hours every evening (UTC +8:00 Beijing time) Arrangements were made to allow delegations to participate in person at the Vienna International Centre and remotely. Prof. Xue led the delegates of CIETAC joined the WG meetings and took part in discussion of the draft Provisions on the Use and Cross-border Recognition of Identity Management and Trust Services.

The Working Group focused the discussions on the issues of terminology, trust services, liability, and cross-border recognition. Substantial progress was made in the consideration of those issues.

Regarding terminologies, the item of relying party is added along with other terms. The WG spent a long time to discuss the definition of e-ID and its correlation with authentication. Actually it refers to a process to achieve authentication, rather than the assured outcome. The WG clarified that it should be “e-ID services” not “systems” that should be used in the provisions. The WG discussed in-depth about liability of e-ID service providers and roughly agreed to add a paragraph on liability to relying party. With respect to subscribers’ obligation of notification of service providers, Prof. Xue suggested following modification, i.e. “the subscriber knows that the its access and use of the trust service has been compromised”. Cross-border recognition was another hotly debated issue. In conclusion, CB recognition can be achieved through either recognition ex ante or through ex post conclusion that the method used by the foreign trust service offers at least an equivalent level of reliability.

The draft Provisions are expected to be submitted to the Commission for discussion and approval in 2022.

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Prof. Xue presented at ODR Directors’ Meeting

In her second-term of the Deputy Director of Online Dispute Resolution Center of CIETAC, Prof. Xue joined the Director’s meeting on November 29, 2021, along with the Director Mr. Wang and Deputy Director Mr. Wang. The three Directors analyzed the current situation of the ODR Center and assessed the challenges and opportunities of domain name disputes. The Directors approved the new list of Panelists for domain name dispute resolution at CIETAC/ADNDRC Beijing Office. Some new blood was introduced into the list to make it more internationalized. The Center will continue to deploy the dispute resolution cloud system to improve efficiency and efficacy. The ADNDRC Annual Meeting 2022 will be organized in Beijing and expected to be an important media exposure. All the Directors looked forward to working closely next year.

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Beijing Normal University Global Development Strategic Partnership Project

International Expert Virtual Lecture Series (Lecture 3)

In memory of 2021 UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Day

Date:2021年11月16日/16 November 2021,Beijing time 18:00-21:00 (UTC +8:00)

Zoom Virtual Conference System

Conference ID:813 625 96075



主持人/ModeratorProf. Hong Xue, PI of International Trade Law Research and Development, Beijing Normal University Global Development Strategic Partnership Project


Prof. Hong Xue, Briefing on UNCITRAL’s and RCAP: new laws, projects and initiatives

Prof. Hong Xue, Analysis and Digestion of Google and Oracle Case

Prof. Avv. Gustavo Ghidini, Emerito dell’Università’ degli Studi di Milano, Senior Professor di Diritto Industriale nell’Università’ LUISS di Roma, Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property




格第尼教授主题演讲题目为“知识产权与人工智能”。 古斯塔夫.格第尼教授首先肯定了中国经济和技术发展的强大实力,表示经济的腾飞伴随着科技的发展。人工智能无处不在,已经渗透到我们日常生活中的各个方面,古斯塔夫.格第尼教授从社会生活、实际事例等多个方面详细介绍了人工智能技术的应用。中国、美国、欧盟等国高度重视人工智能技术的发展,相继提出了发展人工智能的相关命令和战略政策。古斯塔夫.格第尼教授分析了欧盟关于人工智能三个层面风险及应对的文件,以及人工智能对版权主客体概念的深刻挑战,认为我国著作权法的立法与执法为全球法律发展树立了典范。薛教授与格第尼教授就有关法律问题进行了深入的对话与辩论。格第尼教授还热情地留下了联系方式方便为与会中外学生进行交流。


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Prof. Xue Lectured at 1st WIPO-HUST Summer School

The First WIPO-HUST Summer School, co-organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization, HUST School of Management and the Sino-European Institute for Intellectual Property, concluded on October 29, 2021. Twenty-three leading IP experts from China, Germany, USA, Japan, UK, France, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Australia were invited to give lectures at the summer school. Assistant Director General of WIPO, Dr. Edward Kwakwa, Director of IP Division of WTO, Dr. Antony Taubman, Head of WIPO Academy Professional Development Program, Dr. Tshimanga Kongolo and other senior officers from international organizations joined the group of distinguished lecturers.

The Lectures under the theme of “Intellectual Property & Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)” covers a variety of topics, including “Trademark Systems in Europe”, “Special IP Regimes in the U.S.” and “Indigenous Knowledge”. On October 22, 2021, Prof. Xue gave a 3-hour lecture on Copyright and SMEs, elaborating how the evolving copyright legal environment impacts on the business operation and market competition of SMEs. Prof. Xue presented the new opportunities opened up for SMEs in new media industry, such as vlog, live streaming, social commerce, and the relevant copyright challenges. Prof. Xue also explained how software industry may change under the new copyright rules regarding open API. Prof. Xue emphasized the importance to utilize the limitations and exceptions available to SMEs in copyright system and emerging regulatory measures and dispute resolution mechanism to address the innovative issues. Prof. Xue, although not feeling well at the lecture day, patiently answered in details a couple of questions from the students online.

Over 100 registered participants from more than 10 countries and regions took the courses online or on-site. They discussed such topics as differences of IP regimes among different regions, how enterprises protect their IP rights in international trade, the copyright issues on E-commerce era, special IP protection and application during and after the COVID-19 pandemic with the experts.

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