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Baidu won over IFPI

Beijing First Intermediary Court ruled that Baidu’s service of posting links to sites offering illegal music was not infringing the recording companies’ copyright as the music was downloaded from web servers of third parties, not from Baidu.

The decision is available at:

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Who is a real hooligan?

Two Tigers’ Fight

There can only be one winner out of the two-tiger fight. In the dispute between Yahoo! (Chinese transliterated as an “elegant tiger”) and Qihu (meaning a “magical tiger”), a tiger just won at the first instance court but another tiger swears to appeal to fight to the very end. They are fighting over whether a plug-in program “Yahoo Assistant” developed by Yahoo! China should be classified as hooligan software by Qihu’s program. Given that the CEO of Qihu used to the CEO of Yahoo! China and had actually developed the original version of Yahoo Assistant, the legal dispute was colored by the war of words as “who is the real hooligan”.

Kaspersky versus Ruixing

Anti-hooligan fighting has entered into antivirus software field. Ruixing, a leading domestic antivirus software developer, was just sued by Kaspersky at Tian Jin First Intermediate People’s Court. In May, Ruixing furiously condemned Kaspersky on various media for labelling and deleting its anti-hooligan software “Kaka Online Assistant”. Kaspersbky is now suing Ruixing for defamation.

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MII warned Qualcomm not to charge high patent fees

At the critical time of releasing 3G standard (TD-SCDMA), the Minister of Information Industry warned Qualcomm that they should not even consider charging 10%-20% of the whole 3G sale revenue as the patent fees. So far, Qualcomm has been silence on the China’s announcement that Chinese enterprise–DaTang–has the independent intellectual property rights over the new standard.

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No more regulations on the Internet

Different from the normal affirmative and even supporting attitude toward the enactment of a new legislation, Chinese governmental media seems unanimously denouncing both the effectiveness and the motive of the new Online Music Regulations that were just released by the Ministry of Culture. It’s a signal that the media that is keen of exploring the online chance is fed up with the regulations matrix on the Internet.

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Internet is not borderless for businesses

Ebay finally acknowledged its failure in Chinese market by a thorough withdrawal. It sold out all of its Ebay-Eachnet business to It failed to make any profit in its 3-year operation under the powerful competition from local C2C businesses. It has already withdrawn from Taiwan and Japan market. The Internet is borderless, but a business can only grow in the most suitable soil.

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