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When Yao Ming meets a cybersquatter

The name of the NBA star, Yao Ming, has been registered as a domain name in Beijing. The domain name holder, who declares herself as a fan of Yao, agrees to transfer the domain name back to Yao at the token of a hug and an autograph. China has risen a new business based on ”registering-and-selling” domain names. These businessmen who choose to invest on generic names or celebrity names call themselves “corn worms”. Domain names, in its Chinese translation, sound like “corn”. People who are solely relying on the “corn” must be “corn worms”.

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Court rules that idea is not copyrightable

Chongqing High Court finally dismissed an artist’s claim that another artist copied his creation manner in a paint titled “Chongqing Bombarded”. Idea/expression dichotomy is held in the ruling.

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