International Expert Lecture on Artificial Intelligence and the Right to be Forgotten 国际专家讲座系列 人工智能与被遗忘权



2018 Autumn Inaugurating International Expert Public Lecture 

Artificial Intelligence and the Right to be Forgotten


There is no better chance to celebrate the enactment of the China’s E-Commerce Law on August 31, 2018 with a Public Lecture dedicating to innovative legal issues, i.e. AI and Erasure Right. In the first part, Dr. Liu offers a brief introduction to artificial intelligence, followed by a discussion on potential legal and policy issues associated with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence that is poised to become the fourth industrial revolution, fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and learn. In the second part, Associate Professor Gehan Gunasekara examines the right to erasure (the so-called “right to be forgotten”) as it has taken shape in New Zealand both through common law and statutory developments. Focusing in particular on the Privacy Act 1993 he examines the connection between the need for erasure and related data privacy concerns, including the limits of correction, data quality and data retention limits. He argues that this bundle of rights is founded on respect for context and ought to be viewed as a societal right and not only an individual one. Finally, the presentation explores the special challenges arising from the digital sphere especially when information is linked or indexed online and hint at possible solutions. The BNU students, Chinese and international, enjoyed the lectures and interacted with the two experts actively.

Date: 4 September 2018, 18:00-19:40

Venue: BNU Law School Auditorium 1922


Beijing Normal University Institute for Internet Policy & Law; and,

UNCITRAL & BNU Joint Certificate Program on International E-Commerce Law

Moderator & Discussant:

Prof. Dr. Hong Xue, Director of Beijing Normal University Institute for Internet Policy & Law


Dr. Benjamin Liu, Senior Lecturer, Department of Commercial Law, Business School, University of Auckland

Prof. Gehan Gunasekara, Associate Professor, Department of Commercial Law, Business School, University of Auckland







讲座主题为“人工智能与被遗忘权”(Artificial Intelligence and the Right to be Forgotten),讲座专家为奥克兰大学商学院商法系高级讲师Benjamin Liu博士和奥克兰大学商学院商法系Gehan Gunasekara副教授。北京师范大学互联网政策与法律研究中心主任、联合国国际贸易法委员会亚太中心与北京师范大学国际电子商务法联合认证项目中方主任薛虹教授担任主持人与评议人。北师大法学院的十多位中外研究生以及留学生与访问、交换生参加了讲座,并与讲座专家进行了现场交流。

在第一部分中,Benjamin Liu博士简要介绍了人工智能,然后讨论了与人工智能相关的潜在法律和政策问题。人工智能有望成为第四次工业革命,从根本上改变我们的生活、工作和学习方式。在第二部分中,Gehan Gunasekara副教授将通过普通法和法定发展审查新西兰已经形成的擦除权(所谓的“被遗忘权”)。Gehan Gunasekara副教授特别关注1993年的隐私法案,研究擦除需求与相关数据隐私问题之间的关系,包括纠正限制,数据质量和数据保留限制。他讲到,建立在尊重背景的基础上的这一系列权利,应该被视为一种社会权利,而不仅仅是个人权利。此外,Gehan Gunasekara副教授探讨数字领域带来的特殊挑战,尤其是在线上链接或索引信息并提出了相应的解决方案。

最后,十多位中外研究生以及留学生与访问、交换生提出了富有价值的问题,并与Benjamin Liu博士、Gehan Gunasekara副教授进行了热烈的讨论。

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