Prof. Xue’s keynote speech at APrIGF 2019

2019 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF 2019) was held in Vladivostok, Russia, from 16 to 19 July 2019. The overarching theme for the event was ‘Enabling a Safe, Secure and Universal Internet for All in Asia Pacific’, with the sub-themes being: Safe Internet, Cyber-security & Regulation; Access & Universality; Emerging Technologies & Society; Evolving Role of Internet Governance & Multi-stakeholder Participation; and Digital Economy.

Prof. Xue gave a keynote speech at the Capacity Building Day on July 16 and talked about “Consumer Protection in E-commerce”, which as hailed by all the young fellows and other participants as very inspiring and forward-looking. Prof. Xue answered many questions and comments regarding data protection, consumer rights and other Internet legal issues. 

Prof. Xue was invited to be an expert panelist at the Workshop “A roadmap for studying ICT laws and building a database for Asia” organized by Association for Progressive Communications (APC) on July 18 and talked about the importance of building a people-centered and right-based legal framework for cyberspace. The session addresses the sub-theme on Safer Internet, Cyber-security and Regulation Online. It aims to encourage discussion on the growing number of policies, regulations and laws in Asian countries that seek to monitor and regulate the internet and the impact of these legislation on information and privacy among others. Of key importance is also our intended discussion on how we can build alliances with civil society, academia, journalists, the technical community and lawyers in order to create a multidisciplinary approach to challenge these laws where necessary, through creating awareness, bridging gaps in our understanding of these laws, not just among the various actors but also among a wider audience, and providing support to strategic litigation in different countries, with the ultimate aim of pushing for a regulatory framework that enables a more open, safe and secure internet.

Prof. Xue also actively took part in the discussion for the Synthesis Document

, which aims to document items of common interest relevant to Internet governance in the Asia Pacific region and has developed into one of the highlight innovations of the APrIGF and inspired other national and regional initiatives to develop their own processes.


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