Prof. Xue Lectured at CCPIT Legal Affairs Department

On August 21 afternoon, as a CIETAC arbitrator of almost 20 years, Prof. Xue was invited by the CCPIT Legal Affairs Department to give a public virtual lecture for the legal officers based in Beijing Headquarter, foreign missions and enterprises on the “Legal Issues in Alternative Dispute Resolution for Intellectual Property Rights”. Prof. Xue talked about the latest developments in the Chinese intellectual property legal systems and the advantage of resolving intellectual property disputes through arbitration and other alternative disputed resolution mechanism. Prof. Xue especially explained the issues of arbitrability of intellectual property disputes under the Chinese laws and compared with the other jurisdictions. Enforcement of arbitral awards is another key issue. Prof. Xue explained the enforcement issues of monetary and injunctive arbitral remedies through judicial system. Domain Name Dispute Resolution and E-Commerce Platform Online Dispute Resolution were the also addressed by Prof. Xue at the second half of the Lecture. Prof. Xue actively engaged with the audience through responding all the practical questions raised by the Legal Officers from Beijing, London and other cities. Chinese IP arbitration is expected to be pushed to the higher level of development through the new IP Arbitration Commission that is being constructed by the CCPIT.

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