Prof. Xue presented at 2022 EUPLANT Agora

2022 EUPLANT Agora was organized by Tsinghua University Law School and offered a series of lectures and round-tables on various legal topics, including judicial cooperation between the EU and China, comparative international law, the future of the WTO, the governance of digital economy, intellectual property and other relevant issues on EU-China collaboration. The Agora is invite-only and not open to the public.

On January 11, 2022, Prof. Xue joined the Round-table on Law and Artificial Intelligence, moderated by Vivian Ding of Microsoft China. Prof. Xue presented on the topic of “Legal Issues of AI in Digital Trade”, followed by Prof. Marina Timoteo (UNIBO) on “Ethical guidelines for AI: Europe and China compared” and Prof. Niovi Vavoula of Queen Marry University of London on “The Relevance of the AI Act for EU Immigration Control: Prospects and Challenges”.

Prof. Xue examined the most recent legal developments from China, SG-NZ-CL DEPA and EU AI Act and especially elaborated the caveats of algorithm regulations.

The EUPLANT Agora takes place in the context of the Jean Monnet Network ‘EU-China Legal and Judicial Cooperation’ (EUPLANT), in which Prof. Matthieu Burnay from Queen Mary University of London takes the lead. The network is sponsored by EU to investigate the interactions between the Chinese and the European Union (EU) legal and judicial systems and promotes excellence in teaching and research on EU-China legal and judicial cooperation. Through a set of research, policy and outreach activities, EUPLANT creates new avenues for enhanced academic and policy cooperation between the EU and China and engenders a better understanding of each other’s legal systems.

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