4th European Summer School on Internet Governance

The European Summer School on Internet Governance offers annually (end of July) a one week academic course (48 hours). 4th Summer School was on July 25-31, 2010 in Meissen, Germany.

The course covers the political, legal, economic, socio-cultural, technological and other dimensions of the governance of the Internet. The course includes also practical oriented lectures covering the management of critical Internet resources as well as the development of the domain name market. Each academic lecture is followed by a Q&A Session. There are smaller more practical oriented workshops, round tables and case presentations as well as students project. Evening events with “Snacks & Wine” are for interactive communication among faculty and fellows. Students will get a “Certificate” for the successful participation in the Summer School.

Apart from representatives from the governments of European countries and European Union, a line of distinguished international academic faculties, Prof. Wolfgang Kleinwaechter, Wiiliam Drake, Avri Doria, Hong Xue, Milton Mueller and Wolfgang Benedek gave the lectures on a variety of theoretical issues on Internet governance. Their research reflects remarkable academic quality and international vision. There were also a series of presentations from 5 ccTLD managers, RIPE, UNESCO, geo-TLD applicant and others. Technical community is supportive for the Summer School. Fellows were self-stimulating and highly interested in studying.

An International Association of Summer Schools on Internet Governance was initially launched by representatives from Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America.


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