At-Large Participation at the IGF Hydeabad

Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Hong Xue led a few workshops related to IDN and other issues and were panel speakers in a few other workshops.

Cheryl Langdon-Orr, V C Vivekandandan and Sivasubramanian Muthusamy were speakcers at ” Lessons Learned from the Engagement and Facilitation of Internet Users into Policy Development and Processes within ICANN via the ICANN Board’s At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) .”

Cheryl was one of the panelist at the ICANN open forum.

(Cheryl and Hong Xue participated in a number of workshops, the precise deails of the theme, co-speakers and presentation links are to be obtained from Hong and Cheryl and to be unploaded in the wiki.


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