Intellectual Property Dramas in Rabbit Year

Immediately after 1.3 billion Chinese came back to work from the celebration of Lunar New Year–the Year of Rabbit, a few news reports attract the people’s eyeballs.

It’s reported that Chinese has published more papers on technological journals than people from any other country. But the “world record” has an ironical footnote that more than 100 countries rank higher than China regarding paper citation rates. Widespread of copying, plagiarism and other so-called academic corruption explains the large output of rubbish publications.

A more sensational news is that a 2nd-Class National Invention Prize awarded to a research team in Xi’an Jiaotong University was revoked officially because the “invention” contained a large percentage of fabricated or false information. The belated revocation owes great thanks to a group of professors from that University who persistently complained against the corrupt activities in seeking the National Invention Prize.

Two grass-root migrant workers suddenly became pop-stars after a video of their singing a song emotionally got considerable hits on the Internet.  The pains in the song touches ordinary people who work hard for the same goal. They even sang the same song at the Chinese New Year Eve Gala Show, which was viewed by almost 10 billion Chinese. However, the song’s author, Mr. Wang, stood out recently to prohibit the two from singing the same song for commercial performances. The purely legitimate copyright claim angered two new stars’ fans. The anger and hatred against copyright suddenly erupted on the Internet. The Copyright Owner was pictured as mean, jealousy and selfish, although many others urged two new stars to perform their original songs, rather than relying the others’ works.


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