UNNeXT Legal Training Workshop at UNESCAP Trade Facilitation Forum 2011

The Asia Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum 2011, under the theme of “Trade Facilitation beyond Borders: International Supply Chain Efficiency,” focusing on how trade facilitation can enhance supply chain efficiency, was held on October 3-8, 2011 in Seoul. Critical trade facilitation issues affecting the efficiency of regional and international supply chains were discussed. There were two events related to UNNeXT Legal Panel, which is primarily tasked to research the feasibility of a Regional Agreement on Electronic Exchange of Trade Data and Documents and provide the pertinent training materials and services for the stakeholders in the Region.

On October 6, 2011, The United Nations Network of Experts for Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific (UNNExT) had a side meeting at the Forum in the afternoon. The leads of each working group on legal issues, data harmonization, trade process and single window implementation gave a briefing on their works done so far. Prof. Xue presented on behalf of the legal panel and reported the outcome of Legal Panel Bangkok Meeting in July. The suggestions on the regional agreement attracted many comments from the audience.

On October 7-8, 2011, UNNExT Capacity Building Workshop on Addressing Legal Issues for Single Window Implementation and Paperless Trade was held at Seoul COEX Complex. The pilot workshop introduced participants to legal issues that need to be addressed to enable paperless trade and single window implementation at the national level, as well as to facilitate interoperability and interconnectivity of e-trade systems across borders. It built the capacity of participants to develop comprehensive and harmonized paperless trade legal frameworks, providing a sound legal basis for the operation and interoperability of national single windows and related e-business and e-logistics platforms. More than 20 countries’ delegations joined the workshop. Prof. Xue who reviewed the training materials prepared and presented by Prof. Rolf Weber, gave a presentation on the Legal Environment of Paperless Trade in China. The audience was particularly interested in the progress China made to legally enable and facilitate the electronic transaction, particularly on Internet Retails. Prof. Xue’s talk had got most questions of the workshop. These questions are on the electronic signatures and transactional data that are newly subject to national regulations.


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