Imagining the Future: Global iNet 2012


ISOC’s Global iNet Meeting was on April 22-24, 2012 in Geneva. The meeting is also ISOC’s 20th anniversary and a group of Internet pioneers were honored in the Hall of Fame.The logistic arrangement was fantastic. It was the most thoughtful and sweet-hearted conference I ever attended. I got chocolate and follows in my room immediately after my presentation.

What’s interesting is the two legal panels on Jurisdiction and Copyright Respectively. I was on the Copyright panel. There were fierce debate on every dimension, from stimulation of artistic innovation to free flow of information. When someone attempted to state that IPRs were HRs, it was suddenly rebutted by Mr. Bertrand for lying. Real musicians showed up and revealed that high prices did not go to the creators but to the “music industry”. I talked about the 3rd revision to Chinese Copyright Law and open innovation model.

At closing speech, Francis Gurry, the DG of WIPO, presented his concern about the rival to copyright on the Internet. The impressive point he made was that copyright should be reform to ensure legitimate use of the work would be as easy as pirate ones.



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