BNU Visit to Switzerland and Austria for International Exchange and Cooperation

Prof. Xue, Director of IIPL, along with the Director of BNU International Office and Associate Dean of Law School, paid the official visit to the World Intellectual Property Organization, Zurich University Law School, Graz University Law School and United Nations Commission on International Trade Law respectively over June 3-7, 2013. BNU visitors had very constructive and fruitful discussions with their counterparts in both the UN Agencies and the University on the potential collaborative academic projects. One of the immediate accomplishments is the upcoming conclusion of the BNU-UNCITRAL Certificate Program on Domestic and International E-Commerce Law. The photos below partially reveal the hard works in Europe.

Meeting at Zurich Law School


Meeting with Graz Law School team

 Meeting with Mr. Renaund Sorieul, Secretariat, UNCITRAL

. Xiumei Wang with Ms. Hang Gao, Director, WIPO

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