ICANN Concludes 30th International Public Meeting in LA

The most important decision made at this meeting is the change of the Chair of the Board. Dr. Cerf retired and Mr. Peter Thrust from New Zealand was elected as the new Chair.

While ICANN celebrated for itself vehemently, it achieved very little on policy development. No decision was made on the new gTLDs implementation and IDN ccTLD PDP or fast-track solution. The conference was still full of boring and empty reports and failed to provide the effective translation services (not even Chinese that occupy a quarter of the whole CA population). Anyone from audience who would like to speak will have to wait in the long queue in front of the mike.

I submitted to the Board the IDN status report on behalf of the ALAC. I wonder if GAC or GNSO did the same thing. There is no punishment for not responding to the Board’s request. Neither is any rewarding for so doing.

Are these ICANN meetings strengthening “the single, global, interoperable Internet”? You bid.


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